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Robb is a big man, standing 6 feet 5 inches garnering him the nickname “Big Robb”. He’s American born, grew up in Richmond, Va, Schooled in Savannah, GA earning him a BFA in Photography from The Savannah College of Art & Design. Robb worked for Newspapers, Magazines and the Associated Press (AP) as a photojournalist, before his transformation to commercial photography in 2003. He now splits his time between Minneapolis,MN and Sioux Falls, SD with his wife Misten, a one eyed wiener dog named Matey and a Corgi/cattle dog named Ruby both of which were rescued.

Being raised by a colorful and boisterous family instilled in Robb the ability to transcend that into his concept drivin, humerous, stylized photography. He has a flare for the dramatic while capturing the essence of his subject matter, which consists of paid talent, real people, tv personalities, celebrities, and professional athletes.

Robb specializes in Conceptual, Sports and lifestyle photography for advertising, corporate and editorial clients. Robb understands the importance of delivering a strong and consistent brand image, whether his role is photographer, director of photography, or commercial director. Robb collaborates with his clients to craft a creative vision for every shoot. With a clear concept in place, he then sets the artistry in motion. Robb works with a top-notch production team, overseeing every aspect of the shoot. He is comfortable giving the talent direction and then letting the scene unfold organically.

"Image follows image. Stories unfold. Photographs tell a brand’s story.”

Robb’s work has garnered him many national and international photographic awards.